Promoting Strong Familes and Building Community Relationships

              Jayla's Community                       Outreach Center


~Women Empowerment Events
~Teen Challenge Sessions
~Motivational Speakers
-Informative 6 Week Courses

*Gently Used Clothes
*Clothing Vouchers
*Foster Care Bags
*Emergency Food Boxes
*Hygiene Products
*School Supplies
*Resume Writing and Job Search Assistance
*Support Services

JCO will extend its services to three residential programs in the near future. All residents will complete community service hours, abide by a strict curfew, adhere to all resident rules, and are expected to keep their living area clean.
Our transitional living program is available to women with or without children and provides: 6 months minimum residential placement, counseling, educational and employment development, childcare, life skills, referrals and follow-up services. Residents of our program  will no longer have to pay expensive childcare costs nor leave their children in dangerous enviornments as our on-site childcare center requires a minimal charge and allows women to devote their income towards providing a safe  and stable home for their family.

Our Emergency Shelter program also serves women with or without children and provides:  shelter for up to 45 days, assistance with obtaining permanent residence, referrals, clothing and necessities. Women enrolled in our emergency shelter program may automatically qualify for our transitional shelter program if needed.

Our Assisted Living Program serves teenage girls, ages 13-18 with or without children. Residents of our assisted living program will be housed separately from the residents of our transitional and emergency shelter. Residents of this program will receive daily one-on-one interaction, transportation and assistance with schoolwork, home life and parenting.

At JCO, we believe each and every woman is capable of becoming independent and stable. We seek to assist women by providing them with interview clothes, professional resumes, interviewing skills and hygiene kits. We also believe by relieving mothers from the financial stress of purchasing school supplies for their children, they are afforded the opportunity to focus on becoming stable. For this reason we also provide their children with school clothes and school supplies. We collect gently used and new clothing year round to continue providing these services.