Promoting Strong Families and Building Community Relationships

Jayla's Community                     Outreach Center

Volunteer Opportunities

Areas of Volunteering include:  clerical, dietary, activities, fundraising and resource development.  Activities may range from art projects and help with schoolwork to social events and outings. Volunteers who choose to assist with fundraising gain a broader view on how our programs function and a variety of ways to work with the community. Within our resource development  center volunteers receive hands on experience with the services that are available to disadvantaged individuals.

Benefits of Volunteering:


*Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day- all volunteers of our program are invited to attend a special dinner and acknowledgement ceremony.  This event will be held the first Sunday in May each year.  Volunteers will receive awards from our staff with special words of encouragement and appreciation.


* Holiday Gathering- Volunteers are invited to all holiday gatherings and dinners.


* Making a Difference- Volunteers are left with a feeling of making a positive change in the lives of the women and children of our community.



2015 Volunteers:  Raven Florence, Stephanie Hanspard, Lendell Hoard and Deloris Woods!